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Computer Diagnostics

OBD systems, also known as On Board Diagnostics, give the vehicle owner or a repair technician access to state of health information for various vehicle sub-systems

No Starts

With years of experience in diagnosing problems, our technicians at NorthEast will find the problem with a vehicle fast, and efficiently.

Check Engine Lights

It’s best to let us know about your CEL’s. You can call and arrange to stop by for a free scan of your vehicle so we can advise you and give you peace of mind. If you need an appointment we’ll schedule it at your convenience.

Leak Repairs

Leaks can cause damage to other parts of your car when they don’t get the fluids necessary, but we can repair and replace leaking parts to ensure your vehicle's longevity.


Before we release your vehicle back to you, you can rest assured it will be test driven and brought back to the best possible functionality.